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SBA Application

Franklin Financial Company has researched all small business administration (SBA) applications and is presenting them to you here in a clear and concise approach. At Franklin Financial Company, we work with companies seeking business loans.

Our areas of expertise include, Commercial Real Estate Loans, SBA 504 Loans and SBA 7A Loans. Additionally, we offer Account Receivable Financing, Invoice Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, Inventory Finance, Equipment Loans and Equipment Leases.

We welcome the opportunity to put our lending experience to work for you. Our lending specialists look for ways to say yes to your financing request. We know that we can’t help everyone but that doesn’t stop prohibit us from trying. If for some reason we can’t help, we might know someone who can. We like to believe that if we can’t do the deal it is likely the deal can’t be done.

using SBA loan financing!

SBA Loan Application

SBA 504 Loans

The SBA 504 Program provides small businesses the opportunity to purchase commercial real estate. The SBA 504 Loan can be closed with a 10% down payment. The SBA 504 is a fixed term loan with payments amortized over 20 years. We pursue SBA 504 transactions from $500,000 to $10,000,000. (More Info)

SBA 7A Loans

The SBA 7A loan can be used for a variety of purposes including working capital, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, land and building (including purchase, renovation and new construction) and leasehold improvements. (More Info)

Unsecured Business Loans

We’ll give you the help you need, with a dedicated staff to assist with all your business loan needs. We will begin to work immediately to loan you from between $10,000 to $150,000 in unsecured business financing.

Did you know that a business with weak financials and/or no tax returns can still qualify for our Unsecured Business Finance program up to $150,000?(More Info)

Business Credit Line

A business line of credit acts like a credit card for your business. Interest is only paid on the outstanding line. We can supply you with a predetermined amount of credit with a bank(s) and you can use it over time as needed for working or growth capital. Collateral is not usually required unless the business has poor credit.(More Info)

Invoice Factoring / Accounts Receivable Financing

If your company invoices other companies for a product or service, Franklin Financial Company may be able to offer you financing through our Accounts Receivable Financing or Invoice Factoring Programs. Accounts Receivable Financing and Invoice Factoring are much easier to qualify for than a traditional bank financing. Our lending solutions are straight forward and simple to understand.(More Info)

Purchase Order Financing

If you have a Purchase Order or Purchase Orders that you cannot fulfill because of cash flow constraints or lack of capital, PO Financing may be the answer. Purchase Order Financing is nothing more than short term financing used by companies to pay their suppliers for a product or products that have been presold to a credit worthy customer.(More Info)

Equipment Leasing

Franklin Financial Company’s Equipment Leasing programs are designed to take the red tape out of financing and whenever possible avoiding typical “bank requirements”. We specialize in both new and used equipment and finance a wide range of industries.(More Info)

Inventory Financing

If you are an Importer/Distributor who needs to maintain a complete stock of inventory to supply North America buyers thus tying up significant amounts of working capital, Franklin Financial Company’s Inventory Finance Program might be the solution to free-up that working capital. In conjunction with our Accounts Receivable Financing and Invoice Factoring programs it may be possible for us to offer you an advance against finished goods inventory.(More Info)

Choosing the correct Small Business Administration SBA business loan is a critical step every business owner must take into consideration. The following chart provides a high-level comparison of the most popular loans of business finance and their attributes along with the correct SBA loan application:


SBA Loan Requirements

Unsecured Business LoanBusiness Credit LineSBA 7aSBA 504 Commercial LoanReceivable FinancingPurchase Order FinancingInvoice Financing
Application FeesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Personal GuaranteePossiblyPossiblyPossiblyPossiblyYesYesYes
CollateralNoNoPossiblyLand & ImprovementsAccounts ReceivablePurchase OrdersInvoices
Age of BusinessNew Business Okay2 year minimumNew Business OkayNew Business OkayNew Business OkayNew Business OkayNew Business Okay
Funding Amounts$5,000 - $150,000$150,000 - $5 millionup to $5 millionup to $10 million90% of Receivables90% of P.O.90% of Invoices
Time to Funding14 - 30 Days1 - 2 Months30 Days45 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Credit Score Required600+600+600+600+N/AN/AN/A
Interest Rates9.99% to 19.99%Prime Rate +
Prime Rate + 2%Index +
Treasury Rate
Prime Rate +
Prime Rate +
Prime Rate +
Apply for Unsecured Business LoanApply for Business Credit LineApply for SBA 7 aApply for SBA 504 Commercial LoanApply for Receivable FinancingApply for Purchase Order FinancingApply for Invoice Financing